We farm on borrowed and leased land, transforming suburban lawns and forgotten hayfields into micro-market gardens, silvopastured sheep, chicken compost systems, mushroom yards, and spaces for education and community.

Centered around the Village of Trumansburg, Of The Forest Farm seeks to steward neglected or undermanaged landscapes, while producing a multitude of products, which we sell to local restaurants and markets, and that we give back to our community and our neighbors. Our products range depending on the location and what the land offers - from vegetables to woodland crafts.

We are dedicated to building community through creative childhood education, hosting farm dinners, and participating in local cultural events. Our farm hosts a variety of activities and classes to make creative arts and sustainable living more accessible to the public. 

We are excited to meet you and grow together.




The Humans

Liam Punshon - Liam is constantly inspired by the world around him. He sees potential in every lawn and woodland, and hopes to encourage others to appreciate the abundance all around them. Liam manages the small market garden, nursery, and many of our other food producing endeavors. 

Sylvia Estes - Sylvia loves working with people. With a background in art and social work/education she brings an important perspective to the farm. She hopes to increase the farm's social impact on the community through education and outreach.

Carly Melchers - Carly hails from California, where her unabating love for critters, dirt and exploration was first cultivated. Her work seeks to inspire the reintegration of humans, especially children, with the land. She is thrilled to be partnering with Of The Forest Farm, where her background in nature-based mentoring, ecological agriculture and crafting can be melded, developed and shared. 

The Animals

We work with chickens and sheep. Our chickens provide compost and eggs, while our sheep help restore an abandoned hayfield, which was overgrown with vigorous shrubs and brambles. We are grateful for their hard work, and we recognize that without their presence, our work would be far more challenging.